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Thank You Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District Board

For making our district a model of growth and prosperity while protecting and promoting the conservation of our natural resources and laying the foundation for a sustainable legacy. 


Mary Believes Now is the time for the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board, Fairfax County Business Leaders, Conservationists, and Local Regulators to:

☑️ Get Serious about Saving Lake Accotink!  We Don't Need ANOTHER SWAMP!

We don't need another Swamp in the DC Metropolitan area. I am putting together a plan to work with local developers, conservationists, advocates, environmentalists, engineers, board members, the chamber of commerce, business owners headquartered in our District, and the community at large to reach a practical, sustainable plan for saving, restoring, preserving and sustaining Lake Accotink for generations to come.  I welcome your input, participation and suggestions for how we can make it happen!

☑️ Commit to taking a sustainable, practical approach to environmental conservation to improve overall community wellness

An approach that incorporates good governance into its measure of success--which means a practical approach to energy production, development and environmental protection and conservation considerations.

☑️ Be More Proactive in Engaging Community Stakeholders to Achieve Effective, Common Sense Approaches

Adopt an advisory approach through policy initiatives that promotes active stakeholder, governmental and local business owner involvement and brings their perspectives to the forefront of the good governance policy discussions.

☑️ Invest in NVSWCD Sustainable Community Growth, Development, and Improved Overall Environmental & Human Health

Offer fiscal and practical solutions to promote and protect continued growth and development while protecting and conserving Fairfax County and Virginia's natural resources through education, investment initiatives, offset considerations, and long term planning for proposed projects that could positively or negatively impact our community.  Let us not stifle growth or human health with a slash and burn rejection policies or rubber stamping--let us make a commitment to make the best, most informed decisions now so that we can ensure continued community wellness for decades to come.


There are a number of ways you an get involved with the campaign to help us bring common sense conservation to Northern Virginia!

Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Volunteering. Spread the word about our campaign to help us gain the support we need.

Inspired by our values and the experience that Mary brings to the table?  Please make a contribution today.  Campaigns are long and complicated and every contribution can help bring common sense conservation policy to the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.

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